Transmission Problem Sparks Lawsuit

2015 Acura TLX owners want to know why their transmissions jerk and hesitate so much. It’s a fair question. When you spend $35k+ on a car, you usually do so with the assumption that the transmission will be able to make it’s way from 1st to 4th gear without acting like a washing machine filled with bricks.

The lead plaintiff, a TLX owner, says his transmission:

  • Jerks violently in stop and go traffic.
  • Takes a few seconds to shift when accelerating from a stop.
  • Feels like it downshifts into neutral even though the engine RPMs spike.
  • Suddenly does downshift if the car is traveling under 20mph.

Honda, parent company of Acura, denies any transmission problems at all. Pay no attention to the fact the cars were already recalled to replace the transmissions last December. Nope, that couldn’t possibly be a sign of bigger problems. *facepalm*.

You can read more about the lawsuit on our site and once you do this next step is really important…