RLX Front Suspension Rattle and Clunk

The underside of an RLX. Much suspension! Clunks for dayz.

Car has a rattling noise in suspension at lower speeds. Had car inspected at dealer and found no problems with suspension. Test drove the same vehicle at the dealership and was able to recreate the same noise going over bumps. Appears to be a design flaw in the vehicle. Not what you expect from a 50k vehicle.

A common complaint about the 1st generation RLX, particularly the first couple years, is rattles and clunks from the front of the vehicle while going over bumps.

The road surface plays a big roll in how much rattling occues.

A quick note on dampers

Dampers are also known as shock absorbers and their primary objective is to dampen unwanted motion and vibrations in the suspension by taking the kinetic energy (shaking) and turning it into heat that is disappated through hydraulic fluid.

TSB 14-040

On August 19, 2015, Acura released TSB 14-040 titled Front Suspension Clunk or Rattle When Driving over Bumps. The TSB suggests there is a problem in the internal valve of the front damper that’s causing the noise.

To repair the problem the TSB suggests replacing both front spring / damper assemblies followed by a realignment. This should all be covered under the standard warranty.

Does Acura’s damper design just rattle naturally?

Despite getting the damper assemblies replaced under warranty, owners continue to have problems with rattling.

“Took the car in for recall on seat belts and to report front end noise at low speed. They looked at it and said everything was tight. They asked me to go for a ride with a tech driving and he immediately said that’s no good. So they called me back and said there is a tech bulletin on this and we will replace the front struts. They had my car for 15 days, got it back, same problem exists, going back as soon as I have time. Their flagship 60,000 dollar car, not happy at all, don’t buy this car.”

Vehicles That Might Have This Problem

Model Generation Years PainRank
RLX 1st Gen 2014–2018 1.55

OK, Now What?

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